What is A buyer's Agent

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is employed by you to assist you to research, inspect and negotiate the purchase of suitable properties for you to live in or invest in. A Buyer’s Agent does not represent the seller (a real estate agent represents the seller and aims to sell the property for the highest price), but works for you to find the right property for you at the right price, with the right advice.

Abel McGrath Buyer’s Agent Services

The Abel McGrath is more than just a real estate agency. When you engage us as your Buyer’s Agent, we use our local experience and access to sales data and market research to identify great buying opportunities for you. We know that buying a property could be the biggest expenditure you ever undertake, so we want to make it right for you. Our Buyer’s Agent services make the process of finding a new property completely hassle free.

We are professional negotiators, and we are proud to be very good at what we do.

Here’s 5 great reasons to use Abel McGrath’s Buyer’s Agent Services:

  1. Knowledge: we have a professional team of consultants, all actively researching the market every day.
  2. Save money: we use our talents to negotiate the price down for you.
  3. Save time and stress: we can identify homes that fit your criteria while discounting the myriad of properties that don’t.
  4. Tailor a plan for you: we meet with you to identify your needs, budget and investment requirements so we can find a property matching your specific criteria.
  5. Head start: we are continually watching the market and will be the first to know when suitable properties become available.

If you would like Abel McGrath to be your Buyer’s Agent, contact us.

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